Why professionals like you choose Career Lion


Range of experience

Senior executives in Fortune 500s. Leaders in some of top international companies. Government and education industry professionals. Mid-level managers and consultants. Champions of social good and non-profit ventures. Transitioners, entrepreneurs and fast risers in a myriad of private and public organizations. From traditional fields to Brazilian oil rigs and military logistics operations, we have seen them all, branded them expertly, positioned them to succeed and made them all lions.

Well-rounded expertise

Most career-focused firms approach marketing and support from an HR perspective, but HR is not brand building or sales.  Conventional marketing agencies have little insight into the world of hiring, recruitment and HR. Career Lion authentically offers you the best of both worlds. We transition seamlessly back and forth between them to give you broader perspectives, better insights, actionable advice and impactful solutions.


Our branding expertise has fueled a legion of small and medium-sized businesses as well as organizations like Daimler Chrysler, TAG, Mazda and TD. We speak "employer" because our team has coached, advised and supported the development of some of North America’s fastest-growing and most successful companies. We don’t just create websites, resumes, profiles or communication tools. We infuse significant experience, unmatched expertise and serious communications chops into every strategy, narrative, branding effort and recommendation. 


Hey, no firm can be everyone’s cup of tea, but we undeniably hit the bullseye much more often that we miss. A significant amount of our business comes from repeat clients and those they refer to us. We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. Career Lion excels by doing things right, better than our competitors, and with genuine care. People don’t come to us for hugs, platitudes or the “same old same old”. We are straight shooting, real-world, strategic, proud, capable, and very good at what we do.


Most production or web development companies execute digital projects by following customer instructions and integrating provided content. Copywriters just write well, but don't drive strategy. Many career branding firms are grounded only in HR. It's like employing specialists in icing when you really want the whole cake. If you don't fill in the gaps in their expertise, you end up missing key ingredients.  Few firms can holistically blend the combination of expertise required to drive the success of your business or career. At Career Lion, our collective chops combine for a degree of uniqueness and differentiation that elevate our brand - and yours.


Whether our clients are targeting new careers, more customers or leadership positions in organizations or industries, perceived value and mutual fit are what ultimately pulls the trigger. Our ability to increase your perceived value and your alignment with targeted opportunities is what transforms our prices into rewarding investments. Our clients will attest that Career Lion consistently delivers excellent value and return on their investments in themselves.

Brand-centric & outcome-focused

Our clients do not have to tell us what needs to be done. They just tell us what they want to happen and we translate those objectives into strategic communications and actions. Our extensive career-marketing-digital development experience kicks in and empowers clients with strong brands, winning marketing and communications strategies, engaging storytelling, strategic content, and meaningful connections with targeted audiences. We're just wired that way. 


When you do what we do for as long as we've done it, you build a lot of relationships. We cultivate and leverage an impressive international network of career, business and professional development opportunities that we call THE PRIDE. Our clients are frequently surprised at how often we personally know the decision makers, employers, and potential customers and partners they need to impress to propel them along their paths. And we connect them.


What it means to be a lion

Unlike most executives, our lions do not wander the road without direction or purpose. They have stronger, decisive and dominant personal career brands. They invest in becoming elite versions of their professional selves. They access the expertise, support and tools to thrive within the business jungle and the open expanses of opportunity. They can work together to bring down bigger game. Aware, proactive and ambitious, they experience greater career successes powered by distinctive strengths and edges.


We enjoy what we do: it’s not just a job and it is usually personal. We don't shy away from challenges. We dig replacing complex ambiguity with clarity and focus. We're thrilled when our clients succeed. How we develop and deliver solutions is a direct reflection of what drives and inspires us. We take pride in our work and autograph it with excellence.