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Networking and the power of the PRIDE

When you do what we do for as long as we've done it, you build a lot of relationships. We cultivate and leverage an impressive international network of industry leaders and lions, employers, decision makers, business area specialists, partners, information providers, and influencers that we call the PRIDE. People who do business with Career Lion are constantly surprised at the extent to which we already personally know the people they need to network with to propel them along their paths.

Through our PRIDE network, we are able to make strategic connections that faciliate significant career, business, and professional development opportunities.  We connect people to our lions and lions to each other to forge collaborations and synergies between the best in the business and experts in various fields and professions.

Like its namesake, what makes our PRIDE so strong is that each member in our carefully cultivated network is an elite performer in their own right but capable and willing to team up to overcome challenges and chase down opportunities that are difficult to catch.