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Making it easy to do the right thing at a challenging time


When organizations restructure and downsize, outgoing employees are forced into unexpected career transitions that can be challenging, demoralizing and stressful. Motivated by empathy, fairness and the desire to preserve a quality reputation, too many companies spend a fortune on outplacement without giving their outgoing employees the essential tools and support they really need.

Whether you are an organizational leader or an outgoing employee, the personalized career transition experience you enagage should lead to evolution and not crisis. Many costly outplacement packages fall short. Career Lion’s TRANSITION program delivers - at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs.

Unlike most outplacement companies that outsource the transition components that we deliver in-house, Career Lion specializes in coaching, career branding and assessment solutions. We excel in providing the personal attention, personal marketing tools, guidance, confidence and clarity that ensure successful career transitions. Our communications, career branding expertise, level of personalized service and value-for-investment are second to none.

Empowering you to tailor your program to your budget and needs, our on-demand TRANSITION solutions include:


Restructuring and individual performance considerations can trigger advancement or transfers of employees into new roles within the same organization. These transitions require many of the same types of support, development and brand strengthening found in outplacement.

Whereas outplacement separates employees from an employer, inplacement can save valuable performers with solvable problems, support them in acclimating to new roles, and enhance organizational relationships.

Allowing employers to keep the spotlight firmly on positive opportunities during an unexpected change, inplacement makes transfers and transitions smoother and easier while demonstrating an investment that reflects a transitioner’s perceived value to the organization. Career Lion's proven solutions like developmental coaching, assessments and leadership branding can significantly improve fit, ramp-up time, confidence, self-esteem, capabilities, adaptability, loyalty and conflict resolution.