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What it takes

In business as in sports and entertainment, the most exceptional performers in the world got where they are today with great coaching. We take key players where they can't take themselves. Whether you want to focus on a specific area of development or take a more multi-disciplined approach, Career Lion’s Synergy Coaching builds capacity and delivers the ongoing strategies, support and frameworks that you and your organization need.

While the motivation and energy from one-off trainings and seminars can be a catalyst for change, it is unrealistic to expect anyone to be able to fundamentally upgrade their core values, beliefs, systems and their way of being without the required tools and ongoing support. Given that leaders have been building the current version of themselves for decades, it is normal to feel “locked in” at this stage and unable to transition from reactive to proactive. However, when leaders make the time and commit to a proven process, they can empower substantial change and an improved ability to lead and drive success in their organizations and lives. 

Career Lion coaching programs extend beyond inspiration and motivation to deliver the targeted support, expertise, perspective, goal definition, strategies and action plans you really need to make and sustain positive improvements and authentic transformations. That's what it takes.

Some of our most popular areas of coaching and mentoring include:

  • Living and leading according to your values
  • Ownership & responsibility
  • Authenticity
  • Personal mastery
  • Learning cultures
  • Service mindset
  • Capacity building
  • Identifying & strengthening competitive advantages
  • Improving team dynamic and collaborations
  • Self & performance management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Masterful communication
  • Establishing clear direction and expectations
  • The art of speaking (oratory skills & public speaking)
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Managing emotions to achieve personal and organizational goals
  • Balancing collective goals with personal agendas

For business owners, we recognize that sometimes progress and insights gained through coaching sometimes require a wider range of expertise to put into practice. Spanning diverse areas of business and specialized expertise, Career Lion’s Advisory solutions can complement coaching and help you do just that.