We develop, brand and empower organizational leaders and leading organizations.

Career Lion is proudly one of North America's highest value providers of career and leadership branding and development solutions. We have helped individuals and organizations across a myriad of industries in both private and public sectors. Senior executives in Fortune 500 companies. Leaders in top international organizations. Entrepreneurs. Mid-level managers. Government agency professionals. Career transitioners. Entry level job seekers. We make them all lions.

Most career-focused firms approach branding and support from an HR perspective and they filter everything they do through that lens. Likewise, many conventional branding agencies have little insight into the world of hiring, recruitment and HR. Decidedly different, Career Lion authentically offers you the best of both worlds. We transition seamlessly back and forth between them to give you broader perspectives, better insights, actionable advice and impactful solutions. That’s what it takes to succeed today.

People don’t come to us for hugs, platitudes or the “same old same old”

We are straight shooting, real-world, strategic, proud, capable, and very good at what we do. Neither the cheapest nor the most expensive, Career Lion consistently delivers excellent value and return on our client’s investments in themselves by doing things right, better than our competitors, and with genuine care. Those are just some of the reasons why executives choose us.

Well rounded excellence

Built for the modern executive and organizational leader, our branding expertise has fueled a legion of small and medium-sized businesses as well as organizations like Daimler Chrysler, TAG, Mazda, Universal, BESTSELLER, and Sigvaris. We speak "employer" because our team has coached, advised and supported the development of some of North America’s fastest-growing and most successful companies. Our communications chops are second-to-none. We infuse all this and more into customized solutions that are trusted for all the right reasons.

Lions and what it means to BE ONE

Our clients are lions. Unlike most executives, they do not wander the road without direction or purpose. They have stronger, decisive and dominant personal career brands. They invest in becoming elite versions of their professional selves. They access the expertise, support and tools to thrive within the business jungle and the open expanses of opportunity. They can work together to bring down bigger game and chase down opportunities. Aware, proactive and ambitious, they experience greater career successes powered by distinctive strengths and edges.

If the above is what you’re looking for, Career Lion is for you.