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A marketing tool developed by marketers

While impressive executive bios are a rare commodity, examples of poor ones can be found everywhere. They are usually a bland recitation of job roles held and personal information that can be easily found. They fall short of what they should be: a targeted marketing tool that frames an executive’s story, experience and values within a strong personal brand.

Many executives today are representatives of their companies and expected to be visible, professionally presented and accessible via websites, marketing brochures, business pitches, press releases and other channels in which sending out a full resume is not appropriate. Bios are also a necessity for those who speak publicly, position themselves as thought leaders and target board involvement or community leadership opportunities.

Executive bios need to sell competence, capability and integrity

First impressions matter and they are difficult to change. When Career Lion develops your executive bio, you put your best foot forward, promote an elite executive presence, communicate your unique style, and stand out from the crowd in all the right ways.