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The expertise that digital excellence demands

Effective websites result from blending different areas of expertise into one digital platform. When you need a strategic, professional marketing and communication tools, they need to be developed and written by experienced branding specialists. A website that sells must reflect your sales process, pitch, value proposition and customer journey. If you need eCommerce, eTail solutions, backend databases or specialized user functionality, you require a subsequent level of expertise. Those strategies, objectives and quality copywriting then need to be translated into programming and structures that are highly visible to search engines and optimized to perform on diverse browsers, operating systems and devices (like desktops, phones and tablets).

All aspects need to be holistically applied in a cohesive solution tailored to your organizational objectives. Many websites fail deliver more than bland impressions and mediocre results because they are created by programmers who have minimal marketing or branding expertise or by businesspeople with little programming experience.

While Career Lion’s dedicated ONLION division delivers all the benefits of a traditional B2B and B2C digital agency, our real differentiator is our unique lens and perspective.

We filter and approach everything with an advanced understanding of traditional company/solution marketing, web best practices, the business-and-career objectives of organizational leaders, and the employer brand. We combine extensive career-marketing-digital development experience to help clients to define a strong brand, develop winning marketing and communications strategies, infuse engaging storytelling, leverage strategic content, engage with specific target audiences and even strengthen recruitment and reinforce corporate culture. Comparatively, many production or web development companies simply execute digital projects by following customer instructions and/or integrating provided or generic content within their programming. They require you to fill in the gaps in their expertise.

Few firms can holistically bring the required combination of expertise to bear even though each area of expertise is undeniably essential to driving the overall success of your business. At Career Lion, our collective chops combine for a degree of uniqueness and differentiation that elevate our brand - and yours.

Career Lion can help you with:

  • Web design & development, including microsites
  • Brand strategy and design
  • Digital design Audits and analytics
  • User experience research, strategy and design
  • Counsel for accessibility on the web
  • Responsive design and mobile optimization
  • Social media strategy/management
  • Online advertising
  • SEO & SEM — search engine optimization and marketing
  • Data integration
  • Reputation management
  • Mobile and web app design & development