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Walk the lion path

More than most, leaders need powerful support because they can be isolated at the top while comparatively carrying more accountability and responsibility. Career Lion delivers that developmental support through one-on-one coaching and group workshops that focus on the essential areas of leadership that impact your organization the most.

Whether developing individual leaders or teams, our outcomes include building capacity in core leadership areas, increasing awareness of edges/gaps/opportunities, empowering autonomy, enabling the embodiment of core values and competencies, improving collaboration and communication, decreasing conflict, and elevating the potential, practice and reward of leadership mastery. We help leaders to develop knowledge, skills, consensus, behaviours, and mindsets to lead confidently and drive personal and organizational development from the top-down.

Individual leadership development

Designed for the modern executive, our confidential leadership development solutions close strategic competency and performance gaps while integrating workplace realities, organizational processes, career/personal considerations, values, uniqueness, and the foundations for professional success and wellbeing that invariably impact all outward performance, communication and relationships.

Leadership development workshops

A Career Lion leadership workshop is never a canned leadership training that is applicable to any company. Nor is it a presentation that passively conveys information in ways that may be disconnected from the everyday realities, culture, and unique challenges faced by your leadership team. We specialize in delivering high-value, impactful, customized, interactive team coaching sessions that are fully aligned and integrated with your organization’s ongoing efforts and initiatives.

Our workshops are always geared towards promoting the mindsets, tools, knowledge and motivation to help leaders to build capacity and enact positive change at the personal, team and organizational level. Challenging and empowering leaders to recognize and push beyond their current limitations, we ground our approach to your real-world business and introduce models, essential principles and techniques that empower leaders to action and embody concepts in their everyday tasks and interactions. Your leadership team will build trust and mission-critical skills together while identifying opportunities for strategic interventions and improvements.

Some of the popular areas of leadership development that we excel in:

  • Values leadership
  • Ownership & responsibility
  • Authenticity
  • Personal mastery
  • Learning cultures
  • Service mindset
  • Building sales capacity
  • Identifying & strengthening competitive advantages
  • Improving team dynamic and collaborations
  • Self & performance management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Masterful communication
  • Establishing clear direction and expectations
  • The art of speaking (Oratory Skills & Public Speaking)
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Managing emotions to achieve personal and organizational goals
  • Balancing collective goals with personal agendas