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Connect with a world of opportunities

If Facebook and Instagram changed the way we socialize, then LinkedIn forever altered the way we look for jobs and meet/evaluate other professionals.

With more than 757 million members, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Approximately half of these members actively use LinkedIn each month and 40% of them use it daily. An estimated 61 million are senior level influencers, 65 million are in decision-making positions, and 87 million are millennials. LinkedIn is used by 92% of Fortune 500 companies and 87% of recruiters today. A significant portion of the platform's $10B+ in annual revenues comes from hiring solutions (employers and recruiters). It is a top recruiting research tools to identify and evaluate candidates as well as to follow-up on initial impressions after resume submissions.

Why you should have a stellar profile

If you are applying for a new job, you should know that a review of your profile is now a standard part of any candidate evaluation process. There is no easier way to assess your credibility.

A strong, optimized LinkedIn profile is a must and a definitive standard for an executive seeking networking, career and business development opportunities. Far more than a way to “collect connections”, it is an opportunity to put those connections to work for you by placing your resume, skills, career value and potential-to-contribute in front of everyone in your network, every contact in their network, and so on.

According to Forbes, LinkedIn is especially helpful when it comes to landing higher-paying jobs. It can be a serious career booster. If your profile is weak and incomplete, you will never fully leverage LinkedIn and you will miss out on opportunities to attract opportunities and build your network every day.

How we help

Career Lion’s LinkedIn Optimization solution ensures that you benefit from advanced expertise within the LinkedIn social media platform, including integration of the latest features and applications wherever relevant to your career. We also setup the back-end of your profile and all account settings to proactively attract the opportunities you are looking for.

Once your optimized profile is established across all relevant sections, you will be able to maintain and update it in the long-term to ensure that you consistently benefit from the best-possible representation when it comes to attracting career opportunities, offers and connections. We will also give you a profile “owners manual” with valuable tips to grow and leverage your network.

If you want a truly elite LinkedIn profile and presence, engage Career Lion and consider it done.