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Brand leadership starts at the top

A strong organization-wide LinkedIn presence supports competitive advantages by making the talent, experience and expertise of your people visible. Showcasing your best assets speaks volumes about your organization’s culture, credibility, and employment approach - as well as the quality of your people.

In any business environment, networking is a high value activity. With more than 660 million members and $6.75B+ in annual revenues, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. It is regularly used to assess the credibility of professionals, employers and the leaders of organizations. More than just a numbers game of “collecting connections”, LinkedIn is both a platform to define your brand and a pipeline to promote it.

Our Career Lion's LinkedIn Leadership Optimization service can help your organization to:

  • Create and reinforce an impression of professionalism, credibility, competence and a unified brand
  • Provide a convenient, 24/7 glimpse of the individuals behind your organization’s brand
  • Promote the expertise and experience of your leadership group
  • Augment your organization’s overall social media marketing mix and SEO (LinkedIn ranks well with search engines including Google to improve website traffic, search rankings and brand awareness)
  • Create a direct communication pipeline between interested parties and members of your core team
  • Promote your organization as an Employer of Choice for talented professionals
  • Create an “umbrella” within LinkedIn under which all employees of your organization can be centrally found
  • Establish a pipeline for your organization to post and share job openings, articles, videos, publications, etc.
  • Make your top performers into brand ambassadors and recognized thought leaders
  • Put your organization's credibility and potential to contribute into the hands of everyone in a team member’s network, every contact in their networks, and so on
  • Illustrate how your leaders are the kind of people who embody the promises that your company makes to its customers
  • Lower your recuiting costs

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A collection of your greatest hits

An impressive executive bio is an executive’s story, experience and values targeted to an audience and framed within a strong personal brand. Bios are essential for executives who represent their companies and are expected to be visible, professionally presented and accessible via websites, marketing brochures, business pitches, press releases and other channels. Bios are also a necessity for those who speak publicly, position themselves as thought leaders and target board involvement or community leadership opportunities. They need to sell competence, capability and integrity. It is a marketing tool that should be developed by experienced marketers. 

When Career Lion develops executive bios for your leaders, you put your best foot forward, promote an elite executive presence and stand out from the crowd in all the right ways.


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Lead in ways that can be followed

Thought leadership and a smart content strategy can present your brand as a leading, authoritative voice in your industry by providing the helpful, meaningful answers to your customers’ questions. When you become part of the conversation with a sound strategy and engaging, easily consumable content, you increase your brand’s reach, grow your audience, enhance your credibility, build relationships, and position yourself as a leader and influencer in your space. You allow your audience to get to know you.

Surveys shows that nearly half of c-suite executives factor thought leadership into vetting organizations and more than 80% say their trust increases after engaging with thought leadership content.

At Career Lion, we arm our clients with the strategies and content for maximum impact. Having crafted content and ghostwritten posts, blogs and published articles across a wide array of sectors, we know how to balance content strategy, objectives, relevance and the talent and experience of your team with the humility and authenticity today’s audiences demand.