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The specific help you need: when and how you want it

For business owners, progress and insights gained through coaching sometimes require a wider range of expertise to put into practice. Small and medium-sized business often lack the dedicated internal expertise that larger organizations wield, or they need it “on-demand” instead of all the time.

Nobody plays the entire course with only one club

Special situations demand timely access to the right expertise, specialist and tools to ensure that you can strategically play what lies in front of you. Our lions, strategic partners and PRIDE network form an enormous advisory resource capable of augmenting teams, initiatives and leaders to help you and your organization to overcome limitations, rise to challenges and realize great opportunities.

Career Lion advisors and consultants leverage extensive hands-on experience and deep industry and functional expertise in core business areas to empower you with valuable perspectives, industry-specific knowledge and actionable guidance.

You can know now what they wished they knew then

When you and your organization are encountering critical issues and impasses for the first time, Career Lion Advisory services connect you with leaders who have already jumped those particular sharks and know exactly how to tackle your specific challenges.

Our advisors and consultants can provide detailed maps and precise direction to keep you from veering off course and wandering down dark roads. Whether you choose to access them via a block of hours or longer engagements per your preference, Career Lion Consulting and Advisory Services give you the flexibility and cost certainty to get the exact expertise and as-needed help you require: when and how you want it.

Spanning private, public and not-for-profit sectors, Career Lion advisors and consultants have been of invaluable assistance in areas that include:

  • Business transformation
  • Growth strategies
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Market expansion
  • Channel development
  • Marketing/branding strategy
  • Sales performance
  • Communications
  • Business, information and digital security
  • Capital raising
  • Business continuity planning
  • Legal
  • Franchising
  • eCommerce
  • All things HR
  • Salary and compensation benchmarking