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When you care enough to submit the best

A solid, marketable resume is an essential career asset no matter who you are. The job market has changed immensely in the last several years. Hiring managers have long had access to a very wide and strong pool of talent. Periods of economic uncertainty and higher unemployment allow employers to be even more selective.  As experienced career marketers, recruiters and corporate coaches, we have literally reviewed thousands of resumes and can tell you with absolute sincerity that most are, in a word, brutal.  And in that pool of mediocrity, excellence really does stand out and shine through.

Why we can develop a much better resume than you (and why that's okay)

Few senior executives are able to effectively develop their own branding tools and strategies. It demands a high level of analysis, objectivity, marketing experience, writing ability and advanced skills in communication tool design. Their realm of expertise is often big picture vision, leading organization-wide initiatives and directing corporate development - not personal branding and the strengths and communication tools required to maximize it. And for those currently leading organizations and putting out daily fires, it is difficult to even find the time. Conversely, we excel in this every day and our eye is always on the prize.

When it comes to resumes, no other firm that we have heard of employs our proven approach to documenting and promoting your maximum career value. We have unique insights into the hiring practices of organizations from a myriad of industries. We know how to effectively showcase your skills, talents, achievements and potential. Career Lion’s Advanced Resume is the standard for elite representation by resume. Providing all the information of a traditional resume and more, recruiters and hiring managers from top organizations have reported that it is a superior product that gives them the information needed to make educated decisions and minimize risk.

More than just a result, it is a value-driven process

Our comprehensive Advanced Resume development process is a deep dive, role-by-role and big picture clarity and competency assessment. Every aspect is aligned to where you want to go. It prepares you for impressive in-person interviews. Guaranteed to promote maximum career value and confidence, our process empowers you to fully understand, encapsulate and present a career’s worth of skills, experience and accomplishments in high-value terms. You get an elite personal brand, an essential career tool, renewed confidence, an edge in interviews, and improved access to opportunities.

Elite representation makes all the difference

Like it or not, your resume is your virtual representative and a hiring team’s first impression of you. With just a glance, it reflects your degree of professionalism, self-awareness, seriousness, attention to detail, organization, communication skill, dedication to quality, potential to contribute - and more.

Like an advertisement, your resume must be strategically developed to maximize your perceived value, sell your potential, invite interest, facilitate networking and referrals, and secure interviews. When the impression impacts your life and career, you want to send the best possible sales representative for a must-have asset: YOU.

It pays to have a superior resume

Almost every position has a budgeted salary range commensurate with experience and - most of all - perceived value. As initial assessments and assumptions of value are made before you even walk into the interview, it literally pays to have a superior resume.

By effectively encapsulating experience and career value, Career Lion does more than just increase your chance for new opportunities and great interviews. We align you with a higher salary within budgeted compensation ranges. That makes our Advanced Resume a smart investment that can significantly increase earnings at each stage of a career.

Put our focus and expertise to work for you.